Elf is a 2003 Christmas Comedy directed by John Favreau and screenwritten by David Berenbaum.




 The main actor in Elf is Will Ferrell. He would be considered an impressionist. He is mostly cast in comedies and does similar acting, such as Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Anchorman, Step Brothers, and Blades of Glory. I have never seen Will Ferrell in a film other than a comedy. I don’t think he would be able to handle being serious after being a funny man for so long.

In the film Elf, his character is Buddy Hobbs, an eccentric, spirited man who was raised by elves and finds out he is human. On his quest to find his father and then the quest to gain his father’s love, hilarity ensues. At one point Buddy, tries to hug a wild raccoon, he then learns what revolving glass doors are, and shows a mall full of children that the Santa there was fake and smelled like beef and cheese.

zooey deschannel


Zooey  Deschanel plays Jovie, a sales associate in the mall toy store. She’s not very jubilant and is pretty monotone, but has a pretty good sense of humor and finds it in her heart to help Buddy.

Deschanel is an actress known for her dry sense of humor. She is often very sarcastic and monotone in her roles. I believe this makes her an impressionist. I guess like Ferrell, if you don’t see it you cant believe it and feel they can only be cast in humorous roles.  


james caan

James Caan plays Buddy’s biological father Walter Hobbs. Walter is a business man and cares about little else than his work. He has no sense of cheer or humor and just thinks that Buddy is insane. 

James Caan is a wildcard he has played many roles in his acting career from a devoted father to a army general .to the animated voice of Flint’s father in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He has a lot of acting experience and that does not limit him to one category.




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Sound in The Jungle Book

the jungle bookT

The film I chose for sound is a family favorite. One of our favorites because it gets us up dancing and singing and MARCHING.

Sound is movement in The Jungle Book. The sound portrays the never-ending adventure in the jungle and the constant hustle and bustle or the danger that lurks all around. Not only does it keep you moving, but certain sounds or beats depict certain animals. For example, you know when the Colonel Hathi’s herd of elephants are coming when you hear the tuba and especially the little bells and flute that are used to display cuteness for Colonel Hathi’s son. When the elephants crashed into each other, the short horn noise sound effect gets you to laugh at the elephant’s bent truck and frazzled look.

  Dialogue is the speaking of characters to one another and that is a must in The Jungle Book. Mowgli has to let everyone know his displeasure of leaving the jungle and hear their opinion on it.

There are sound effects and music all through out the film.. from like I said the elephants crashing into each other, to Kaa getting stuck in a tree and his snake body sounding like an accordion and just about every main character has their own song to be sung.

Most of the sound effects in the Jungle Book are to make the audience laugh, to show what characters are coming on the scene, and to mimic real life sounds more so in a musical sense. They are intended to be more exaggerated to get a rise out of the audience, either in laughter or sitting on the edge of their seat wide-eyed. (My girls get very intense wide-eyed, open- mouthed gazes when Mowgli fights Sher Khan. It is possible even in the Jungle Book.)

The sounds in the Jungle Book scream “Animated” and were it any different I don’t think that it would be the classic that it is.  

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Colonel Hathi’s March- Extended Music (With Inspection)  http://youtu.be/C1ak9qGythE

Lighting in Water For Elephants.


What makes Water for Elephants so majestic?

waterfor elephants three


The lighting in this film makes it as grand as it is.

         The very bright back light on Marlana  makes her pop on the back of the elephant, letting the crowd see her and putting all the splendor of the circus and film on her in that very moment.

      There are many back key lights used in the film because of all the circus scenes, putting the most emphasis on the characters performing at the time. I believe that this is a beautiful way to showcase your characters or performers and having not done so wouldn’t have made the film as spectacular as it is.

       As well as circus scenes there are also many scenes in the film that are dramatic, August sitting at a table playing cards with a bunch of rough men with only one light, making him seem very intimidating, sitting at a nightclub with a lowlit lamp in the middle of the table, and a candlelit scene that is filled with a feeling of romance and hate at the same time.


August playing cards. (only a keylight)


The lighting made this romantic drama. It made the circus appear magical, it let you know who to fear, it had you feeling intense and on the edge of your seat , and showed you when two characters fell in love.

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Water For Elephants


Director:  Francis Lawrence

Writers: Richard LaGravenese (screenplay) Sara Gruen (novel)

Major Actors: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz


Water for Elephants is the story of an old man reliving his glory days of being on the Benzini Brothers Circus by narrating his story for a circus manager after escaping from the nursing home. It starts out as him as a young man (Robert Pattinson)  in veterinary school about to take his boards, he is interrupted by horrible news of his parents dying in a horrific car accident. After his father’s veterinary practice and his home is foreclosed on by the bank, he has no where to go and starts walking the train tracks, only to jump on a circus train. Instead of being thrown from the train, he convinces the show master(Christoph Waltz) he is a vet and will work for him. He ends up falling in love with the show master’s wife and circus performer, Marlana, (Reese Witherspoon) and they try to keep their love a secret. Unable to keep it a secret, he is thrown from the circus, and does whatever he can to protect Marlana from her abusive husband. The movie does have a great ending and the old man ends up going with the circus to live out the rest of his days happy.

The film is in a non-linear fashion, going back and forth in time. I love this though. It shows how emotional the old man gets at specific parts in his life and it puts viewers in his mindset.  Had this movie been in a chronological order, I don’t think I would have found it as emotional.

When I first watched this movie, I could tell it was going to be an intense story because the old man asks if the circus manager has “Anything to drink besides apple juice.” When he hands the old man a scotch, you automatically know..




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