Lighting in Water For Elephants.


What makes Water for Elephants so majestic?

waterfor elephants three


The lighting in this film makes it as grand as it is.

         The very bright back light on Marlana  makes her pop on the back of the elephant, letting the crowd see her and putting all the splendor of the circus and film on her in that very moment.

      There are many back key lights used in the film because of all the circus scenes, putting the most emphasis on the characters performing at the time. I believe that this is a beautiful way to showcase your characters or performers and having not done so wouldn’t have made the film as spectacular as it is.

       As well as circus scenes there are also many scenes in the film that are dramatic, August sitting at a table playing cards with a bunch of rough men with only one light, making him seem very intimidating, sitting at a nightclub with a lowlit lamp in the middle of the table, and a candlelit scene that is filled with a feeling of romance and hate at the same time.


August playing cards. (only a keylight)


The lighting made this romantic drama. It made the circus appear magical, it let you know who to fear, it had you feeling intense and on the edge of your seat , and showed you when two characters fell in love.

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